To Sing or Not to Sing…Does it make a difference?


03 Nov To Sing or Not to Sing…Does it make a difference?

Does Singing Even Matter?

So I came across this article thanks to a friend of mine and it got me thinking…

Albeit the article is short and you could easily go and read it HERE….Let me sum it up.

Thom Schultz, co-author and film director, takes note of the seemingly ever growing contemporary christian church phenomena that is Church congregations feeling that services (specifically the worship) are more of a performance and less participatory. He cleverly notes that

What used to be congregational singing has become congregational staring. Even when the chipper ‘Worship leader’ in contemporary churches bounds on stage and predictably beckons everyone to ‘stand and worship,’ the people compliantly obey the stand command, but then they turn into mute mannequins.”

He continues with four factors that he believes to be at fault for this phenomena.  Schultz finally concludes with an admission of guilt, that he has joined the majority and a plea for an environment that will evoke his “real heartfelt vocal participation”.

That’s the gist of it…Still interested?

Thom follows up his article with a second one entitled Confessions of a Worship War Mercenary

In this second article, Thom covers some of the general criticisms that he received, does a bit of braggadocios back peddling, and finally concludes with saying that we are all different people with unique and varying perspectives.

I found this to be interesting.

In my limited knowledge and experience,  I would dare to say that the worship service has very little to do with the people on stage and just as little to do with the silent “pew-sitters” (another Schultzism).

Yes, many contemporary “worship leaders” have the lingo and Sunday morning routine down packed, parading around the platform as glorified “rockstars for Jesus”. This is idiocy and has unfortunately left the Contemporary Christian Worship Pastor wide open for stabs from both Christians and Secularists alike. Shame on those who have fooled themselves into believing that they are worshipping God, when they truly only worship themselves. 

In the same vein:

There’s nothing wrong with “Spectators” in the congregation who don’t like to sing audibly, but what is very wrong are “Spectators” who have opinions, and critiques about every last part of the church, but are the last ones to volunteer to serve. They will tell you what’s wrong with the worship, the sound, the lights, the preaching, the coffee, the decor of the building, the kid’s ministry….and how they would fix it if they were in charge. These people really get to me. There are so many ways that you can get involved at your local church…actions speak louder than words. Think about this, Jesus washed His Disciples’ feet and tells us to do the same. When’s the last time you (metaphorically) washed the feet of another?

The songs, the stage, the lights, the singers, the styles, the color of the walls…none of it really matters. There is only one thing that matters…one thing that should define the heartbeat of the church. Everything should be tethered to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

He knows your heart. He knows if your intentions are pure, He knows what you do and why you do it.
I say we ought to spend less time arguing and criticizing and spend more time telling people about Jesus.

What do you think?
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